Knitting and product design going on in the workshop room in ISArC. Everyone intensively busy all the time.

Intensive focus on the graphic composition. In that group we concentrated on visual communication about Deforestation and Energy. Ane at the Mac-helm and the guys advicing.

The last week has been filled with intensive work in ISArC here in Mozambique, when 5 visitors came from KHiO in Oslo to cooperate with the students. It is great to create such meeting points through working together so we can learn from each other. To visit the designers in ISArC came Stein (product designer), Dagfinn (fashion and especially knitting), Joachim (fashion designer), Ane (graphic design) and Henrik (furniture design). In addition for the workshop they had me and Karina the design professor in ISArC.

We split our work into 3 groups: Furniture and Product, Fashion and Knitting and Visual Communication. The three groups worked mostly separately developing product ideas and design methods. Out of the five very intensive days came incredibly large output while we had agreed that output was not the goal of the workshop, but rather process. The outputs arrive later, when the Mozambican students turn out their work and the projects in Oslo start being modified based on the learning that comes out of such cooperation.

Knitting technology discussed. They experimented with knitting out of discarded textiles, cutting strips and then creating great patterns and colours

We take little time out to evaluate how to continue the cooperation, what methods have the greatest effects etc. But my plan is to propose a similar workshop early in the next semester here. I hope people are as motivated after this time as I am. Here are posted images from the workshop, but I will post some of the work later when I have managed time to edit it.

Here is a link to a photo album from the workshop. Hard work and fun in equal proportions.

Hard core production development going on there.


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