Yara posing with her first book. Some jeans cloth and red first papers make it cool.

Horray for sketchbooks!!!!

I am a fundamental believer in the sketchbook as the number one tool for designers. Yes, I can agree that there are many cool software and gadget-tools to make simple suggestions for design. But I still believe in the good old sketchbook that I carry around with me almost every day. It is my diary and creativity development tool. Yesterday my friend, hard rock guitarist and design student Yara came around because she demanded that she wants to learn to make a book from me. She has been seeing mine, the ones that I cover with capulana textiles here in Maputo and she wants the same. So yesterday she came around to have a go and her first book is cool. Now she will teach her fellow students in the graphic design school in down-town Maputo and hopefully move them from the laptop. Here are some images of the fun production.

Yara hard at the cutting and sewing and gluing at home. Working on my working table, something that I designed myself. Ok, ok, ok three Macs shows that we still think computers ok although the sketchbook is also one of the fundamental tools of trade for designers.

May 15, 2011   Posted in: AFRICA, DESIGN, ISAC - KHiO, MOZAMBIQUE