I participated in a very informative meeting disseminating and evaluating cooperation projects within culture and the arts in Africa. It was interesting to learn how very different the projects were, spanning music, collaborative  social arts, education etc.

There were examples of exchange in both directions South and North and the participating institues are located widely in Norway and in Southern-Sahara Africa.

Norad (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) is the institute that has been responsible for financing, and thus evaluating the viability of the projects, while SiU (The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education) has been the Norwegian administrative body.

Now the Norwegian Government has decided to adapt its policies to present day situation, new issues have come up and new ideas about how to gain better efficiency and sustainability from and after the projects. Norad has been developing a new format for the projects and they say that the new directives will be available in mid 2011. Until then we have to wait to see how to adapt to the new policies. The Oslo National Academy of Art (KHiO) will run a conference in early March on behalf of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, where the issues will be addressed and one can mabe see different angles to this kind of development work.

The photos are from the conference that was held by ACE (Norad Program in Arts and Cultural Education) in the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

The presentations were from the following projects:

  • Bringing Music to Cape Town’s Underprivileged Communities.
  • Community Arts – Educating the community artist. A project between Hedmark University College and Marangu Teachers’ College, Tanzania.
  • Generating Knowledge through the Visual Media: Establishing Visual Anthropology at the University of Bamako, Mali.

A slide of the evaluation of project models made by Norad

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