I had the pleasure of going through projects in the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo, AHO. These were projects done by students in MA and they had concentrated on tangible interactions. Basically the touching point beetween machine and man. There were many sensor-devices in use that created different outputs in various media. Many of the students wanted to address social or health issues like pain and pleasure. This field is incredibly important in present day conditions because there is almost no location left where we operate without the interface of some technical system.

Here are some images from the event.

Interactions and tangible interactions are fundamental for design in present conditions when technology is advancing very fast. My favourite definition of design is ‘Humanizing Technology’ and that is really what the projects presented in all their different approaches. In the end, whatever technological and scientific advances come up with, they become inherent in human activity and as such the students are experimenting in the right direction.

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