The cover and back of the current Mozceleb Magazine. On the right is Maria Helena Pinto posing up to Gilles and Cecilie’s mural in Danse’Artes

Mozceleb is a new fashion and culture magazine here in Mozambique. The 4th edition has come out and features some work that we have been involved in. There are posted accessories that ISArC design student ‘MamaAfrica’ has made. She has been very active in Maputo for some years, sells accessories in a number of shops and also makes outfits. She was one of the two fashion students that participated in the ISArC catwalk held last year. The main feature interview in this edition of Mozceleb is with the energetic dance lady Maria Helena Pinto, the lady behind the Danse’Artes complex where the mural was created last June when Graphic artists Gilles and Cecilie came from London and Norway and worked with the students in ISArC. (See news about this here) Maria Helena Pinto assisted the upstart board for ISArC like me last year and is a teacher in the school. It is great to see the back cover of the magazine where Maria Helena holds a beautiful dance pose draped in a blue frock all properly blended with the mural.

A large necklace made by ISArC student Mama-Africa on the pages of Mozceleb

October 13, 2010   Posted in: DESIGN, FASHION, ISAC - KHiO