The office of Matador Media in Reykjavik is located in the University Innovation Facility, a collective space for small aspiring companies

The StartupKids is a working title of a documentary-slash-research work by two enterprising young Icelanders. These are two young ladies that both lost their ‘stable’ job after the crisis in 2008. One of them is an engineer and the other has education in business. When they lost their job, or even before, they had enterprising ideas about projects that they wanted to do, I guess to make profit and at the same time have some influence in Iceland. The are both quite competitive characters and they started their own ‘startup’ company MATADOR MEDIA EHF in Reykjavik, Iceland. They conceived a board game named HEILASPUNI, employed designers and produced it in China. The game became quite a success in Iceland and sold out very fast. I think they are now producing the ‘mark-II’ version for the Christmas market. I have also heard of various other projects that they are planning or working on, like iphone apps for games, teaching board game and other that I am maybe not allowed to tell about at this stage.

The website for the research documentary

Since they are young entrepreneurs they have become quite interested in the conditions for startups, how it comes about, what types are those that do startups and what are the conditions for such things. So, they have started a simple research into this, travelled around to take interviews with well known startup people on both sides of the Atlantic. The text about their documentary is following:

“The Startup Kids is a documentary about young entrepreneurs who have founded web and media startups in the US and Europe. It contains interviews with tech-leaders of today and tomorrow. The founders of Dropbox, Vimeo, Flickr, WordPress, Posterous and many others talk about how they started their company and their lives as an entrepreneur.”

“Two Icelanders wanted to meet the people who are shaping the Internet. They traveled around the US and Europe and interviewed young web entrepreneurs. The documentary compares differences between environments for young entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic. The objective of the documentary is to motivate young people to take the leap and become entrepreneurs.”

September 16, 2010   Posted in: PONDERINGS