The house seen from below. It is very close to the Varmá river, a river that was previously warm but now the hot springs have been tamed by the local authority district heating system.

Although I work as a facilitator for design and creative people (job description: professor of design strategy) I do actually love to do design myself. It is rather haphazard how that happens, I design shirts, furniture and various other things I like myself. But I am also from the beginning an architect and these days I have mostly had two projects under construction. Last week in Iceland I visited the site of the private house that is being built, and the main frame of the house is just rising. The concept of the house is that it is a traditional house out of timber standing on a pedestal basement that deals with the change in levels etc. I did actually tilt slightly the upper timber part and this form is appearing now. These images show the progress.

The ‘front’ showing the timber construction on the concrete pedestal.

The upper floor will house the bedrooms and bath, kind of private quarters, while the half level houses the living room and kitchen etc.

September 15, 2010   Posted in: ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN