The final touches on the floor slabs, rendering the concrete so it is ready for use when the house is built, and the wooden neighbouring house in the background. Trees and mountains.

Even though I am mostly working with design strategy, located in Mozambique, I still love to be an architect. My projects mostly take place in Iceland, much closer to the other pole. Yesterday I got sent photos of the procedure of a private house that I am an architect of. They have cast the ground floors, installed the services etc. Now the house is out of the ground one could say. I love this photo that I got sent, not only because of the construction, but also because I see there my old friends the mountains that I love so much, with the spring snow melting away. Kistufell, like a square box (I did actually base the form of one of my buildings on this mountain), Helgafell with the 30° sloping lava strata, confirming that Iceland is a slab of rock floating on hot magma and the ends tilting under the load of the lavas that come up in the middle. Anyway, this is a small blog about springtime in Iceland and one of my projects.

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