An installation of print work done by the students and their teachers

I visited my faculty in Oslo last week. Always great to be there, good teachers and absolutely great students! Once every semerster the faculty runs a cross-disciplinary week, where the students can apply for various courses that they might be especially interested in or addressing issues that are driven by the interests of the teachers. This has been an effort to break down walls between disciplines, but that seems to be very difficult in many design schools. Even though the students are very, very interested in such things and the reality of design is that we all work togehter when we come out to the real world. This time they were running the week and I managed to go to the end of the week party and met many of my students. Here are some images from a visual communication/installation/art presentation that is the result from a course run by a great duo, friends that are French/UK/Norway Gillez and Cecilia. Look at their website. They are coming to teach in the school in Maputo in May and I am certain they will be great inspiration to our students there.

There are great spaces to enjoy in the building of the academy that everything will be moved out of next June when the school moves to new premises

Nice mix of escape signature and graphic work

April 2, 2010   Posted in: DESIGN