The crowd by the sea on a weekend afternoon

Maputo has its own ‘Sunset Bouleward’ although it is actually ‘Sunrise Bouleward’ a long beautiful road along the coastline of Maputo, generally named Costa do Sol. It is facing the Indian Ocean where the sun rises in the East. On weekends it is very difficult to travel there because people like to cruse slowly in their cars, walk and generally do a modern Promenade. All along sit ladies with plastic cooling boxes full of beer and ice cubes to sell to us the strollers. It is also great to buy cheap locally barbequed chicken (the name of Frango) with French Frieds. We went on Saturday to chill and enjoy the local fun by the sea. The sea is very brown, not totally because of man made pollution but from all the material brought forward by the grand rivers that arrive at the sea and accommodate Maputo Harbour.

The kids love playing in the waves!

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