Auður, member of the design club gang presenting new products from agriculture from BÚBÓT (farmers products)

Design March! One more time the design field in Iceland ran the exhibitions, events and entertainment for the promotion of design as a tool to address world and local issues. This takes place every year in the month of March. The event was larger and more prosperous than ever before and it was great to feel the growth of design and product creative activity in my home-land. It is only just over 10 years since I established the first design faculty in the then new Art School in Iceland. Now, it feels like ages and there are active people all over the media and streets with products and solutions. We had great time walking around town and partying while discussing how to continue and how to use this energy that should address changing our world.

Here is a small photo album from the days.

Lára, representing the crafts and activities workshop in Egilsstaðir. See here: MAKE - Þorpið

The change that has happened in the last 10 years makes one soft and thankful for all the young and creative people that work hard while the government has not seen it fit to support the creative activity much. Only in the last 2-3 years have been some change after the hard business and banking business proofed to be just a silly spoof that has stolen lots of things out of Iceland. Now, there is much more belief in creative work and self solution rather than waiting for some silly large foreign bank to provide funds for business men that in the end remove all the funds out of the country. It makes me proud to part of the people that have been supporting alternative ways to address production and life. Now we have to continue and also aim for much more sustainable existence than before.

March 28, 2012   Posted in: DESIGN, FASHION, ICELAND