Ane (here is her blog) and me have been in projects together and it has been interesting to follow how she has developed more and more into traditional methods in a school full of computers and clever digital things. This to me seems very much where very many of my students are going while not ignoring digital development but not taking it as religion. We use computers mostly to support our ideas and methods of working. I do these blogs to communicate to my students and collaborators widely and often they do not know where I am located each time. We work together and spread the knowledge as well as we can. I have for some time now not done many projects that I am not sending out at the same time. I hope it does not feel for others like I am showing off, but my students are located globally and it is greatest when they become internet friends and help each other. Then my presence does not matter anymore. Here are two images of Ane making prints but I also include a few images of her in one of our other projects, and here is an other. A proper focused Oslo student while being open to searching wherever. Something many professors should try to follow and not be so specific all the time. We have only one world to develop and lets not be so pompous about it. Good luck Ane for your final exam in two months! Here are more photos of her work and others last week in Oslo.

March 19, 2012   Posted in: AFRICA, ART, DESIGN, PONDERINGS