Block P in Nuuk, a visit

A front of the block photo.

Here are a few images from the flat-fronts.

Imagined space is a project about “Blok P” in Nuuk, Greenland, and the people who have or are living there. Blok P was the largest residential building in all of Greenland, and the largest building in Nuuk. It contains around 150 apartments and it is said that approximately 1% of the total population of Greenland lived in this building. During next spring it will be demolished and all the inhabitants will be relocated along with a lifetime of memories. Many of the inhabitants had been living there for most of their lives. The blok is now a ghost town with only few families left. It will be our home while we portray some of the people who have or are still is living there. Hopefully we will end up with an honest document of the lived life in within a historic apartment blok in Nuuk, based on interviews, sound field recordings, photos and video.

September 30, 2011   Posted in: ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, PONDERINGS