This autumn I will continue from our earlier project in Nuuk - (and hopefully wider in Greenland at a later date). Three students from Copenhagen are in Nuuk now studying one block of apartments and they are collecting the material on one special website named IMAGINED SPACE. We made last year a special website to hold together all the work that we did in Greenland and it is here if anyone is interested.

Imagined Space is a project about “Block P” in Nuuk, Greenland, and the people who have or are living there. Block P was the largest residential building in all of Greenland, and the largest building in Nuuk. It contains around 500 apartments and it is said that approximately 1% of the total population of Greenland lived in this building. During next spring it will be demolished and all the inhabitants will be relocated along with a lifetime of memories. Many of the inhabitants had been living there for most of their lives. The block is now a ghost town with only few families left.

The action designers this time are: Sarah Bodil Hansen (graphic designer), Matylda Rasmussen (graphic designer)  and Käthe Stougaard Kofoed Espersen is filming for documentation.

We want to involve designers and creative people more in the work that the locals are doing in developing communication and presentation of the culture and living in Greenland. This is just first introduction to this second step in developing design-action in the country by our schools and hopefully we will be able to gain access to support both from the local culture and from the outer specialist institutes that can help the development.

September 29, 2011   Posted in: DESIGN, PONDERINGS