Mozart is a school of crafts, where young people can attend for few months at the time to get experiences of the various traditions in making here in Maputo. There is ceramic, sewing, metalwork, jewelery and many more.

There was a small festival last weekend with various performances by the young peope, a kind of  a celebration after two weeks of intensive workshop activity bu youngsters.

One of my students in ISAC, a fashion designer ran a fashion show there and it was great fun to go and see how she is faring. There were actually two fashion designers that presented their work, our student who calls her Mama-Africa (a very grand name to take up) and the other one was a young designer that I have not seen before named Manuela Fache. Her work is very promising. The two ladies are very different designers, Mama is very experimental in use of recycling and patchwor with less regard for tailoring, while Manuela seems to me to celebrate more the beautiful Mozambican body. But it is not for me only to make criticism, here are photos of some of their wor for people to see for themselves.

The outfits designed by Mama-Africa

We are actually these days discussing the faculty of art and design in ISAC and how to support fashion design. Me and Karina have to go through listing all the basics that are needed to run a good workshop for fashion. There is great celebration of colours and patterns in this country, based on the fantastic capulana culture that is here all over. It will is fun to see how the patterning, the colours and graphics play with the making of clothes. I have myself designed few shirts out of these materials and will continue to do so.

The outfits designed by Manuela Fache

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