Buffaloes in the heat of the day

I went to this river to concentrate on two projects that I have to write. It is good to know of such places with tranquillity. They give you focus. I have many favourite places in my homecountry Iceland, windows to mountains or glaciers where I have drawn pictures or written some strange text.

This very nice location on the banks of the river is a small B&B, self catering and there is a small straw roofed gazeboo on the bank where I can sit in the shade and think with my computer on my lap (hence laptop). There is very little disturbance, except the occasional excotic animal moving on the other side of the river.. And of course it is great to be disturbed by an occasional elephant coming for a drink. Here is a simple album of photos of my companions. The projects are not so interesting to  be published, only projects about design, development and education. How nerdy can one be?

Here is a link to a photo album of those that visited me while I was typing. All images taken from the same chair

February 12, 2010  Tags: , , , ,   Posted in: PONDERINGS