Atanasio, Gildo, Rejao, Soley and Dagmar on the Mac that Jonni managed to get for us.

Being properly back in Maputo starts off the many activities that are needed here to keep up the pressure for more results and learning. It so happened last Sunday when I went to Nucleo, a colony of artists here in Maputo, to listen to some life music that I bumped into a Belgian film maker, Dagmar Duportail.

Invited him home to look at what we are up to, the material that the guys have been accumulating during the study trip to Iceland and Norway. It so happens that Dagmar Duportail is a very capable and amiable guy so he promised to run a workshop in Final Cut and After Effects (video making software for those of you that are not into this jargon). Since the schools are still on holiday and ENAV is actually being moved the workshop took place in the now abandoned home and newly born media-lab in the living room. The photo shows part of the students following Dagmars exposition. I kind of like the chaos of capulanas, high technology and the straw furniture that I designed and endless wires as shown earlier.

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