As I have maintained time and again the sketch-book is fundamental to the reflection and creative process of designers. It is the interface between thought and experiment, thought and thought and thought and others. In it we can test and store ideas. Therefore I have always tried to promote the sketch-book to students and recently I have myself enjoyed making my own books. I used to buy my favourite size in England always when I was there, but now I make my own have great fun making books with students. Here is a link to the workshop that we did in ISAC, Mozambique.

We (me and Soley) ran a workshop yesterday in the Iceland Academy of the Arts yesterday for Rejao and David, each of us making a book. Anna, a family friend also participated but she has been making books since last year when we started this. Very good friends in Norway and UK, Gillez and Cecilie taught us how to make books and we are very thankful for this. The photos show the fun we had yesterday.

January 21, 2010   Posted in: DESIGN

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