Emily (standing) during public consultation (0r human centered design) in the Docklands in Melbourne during the early stages of setting up their urban farm.

When I was in Cape Town visiting the art and design schools, plus some other social innovation organizations, I was asked to talk to Emily in Melbourne on her local morning radio about sustainability. This was interesting since I had to keep myself awake until after midnight (and sober) to connect to Melbourne on a fresh Monday morning. Emily herself is a force major in the Docklands in Melbourne, where she is part of a group that has started urban farming named Urbanreforestation. I was lucky to be allowed to participate in their first public consultation in late November 2009. I have a small blog about that here. They are all very enthusiastic working towards sustainability, Urban farming etc etc. Emily has herself now a very informative website blogging about the things she means are worth spreading, – a kind of a similar strategy as my blogs: to spread the good work.

Emily is addressing the A-Z of sustainability in her morning radio program and I got I, J, K and L from the alphabet. She asked me about the Iceland situation, what is happening there in terms of sustainability, something that made me write an irritated blog when I started thinking about the situation there. Then we spoke about joy one can have from having an environmental political position about how one takes part in society. In K we spoke about kangaroo meat that is interesting in the way that people do not want to eat in while beef production is very large. Beef is one of the least sustainable consumption that we produce, while she tells me that Australians cull kangaroos and destroy the meat. She told me that there are far too many kangaroos. Something in the balance of nature that has been disturbed.

Anyway it is always great to follow the work of the good people in Urban Reforestation in Melbourne, the design capital of Australia. I can recommend it.

Even though it might be uncomfortable for me to hear the radio program I have been sent a link to the interview. Here it is!