Outside Cafe in Somerschield garden. From left: Karina, Rui and Maimuna

We met up with Rui Teneiro (see his website) yesterday for talk about graphic design in general and in particular about its development in ISArC. Rui is a local Mozambican guy who has been living widely and has just recently finished his master in graphic design in Konstrack in Stockholm. His participation in ISArC activity could be a great asset for the school. He does not live in Maputo full time, but might be in town at various times. This is great because the ISArC philosophy is to be a clear Mozambican school with fundamental understanding of its roots in the local culture, while with eyes open to global activity. We had a small coffee before Rui had to fly back to Sweden and wait now for next steps in how he can be included in the teaching with Karina and Maimuna and the many other local teachers.

February 22, 2011  Tags: , , , ,   Posted in: DESIGN, ISAC - KHiO