The teachers in Art and Design Faculty. Director Victor Sala in centrum

Today was the last teacher’s meeting in ISArC before teaching starts next Monday. Interesting to see the plans, hear the strategy from the director and the faculty leader Dr. Victor Sala. Since ISArC has two years of BA students now the program is wider and there is a strengthening of conceptual thinking in the teaching program. I am in full agreement with that strategy. The students will learn skills and styles, but everything has to be embedded in the cultural understanding. There are classes planned in introduction to sociology and psychology of teaching in addition to the history of art and design. It is in a way positive that the school is not anchored strongly in one art form or specialization, but promotes trans-, inter- and cross-disciplinary conceptualizations of the work. This is important for a school that is the first academy in art and design in the country. There is always also the message that it is important for the school philosophy not to just repeat European or Western arts teaching, but to look at things the other way around, from the locality here and put the Western art scene into that perspective.

Comparing notes and planning

Now, it will be exciting to follow the next months and also prepare for the intensive workshop that is now planned in early March when 5 designers will come to Maputo from KHiO to work with the very competent design students in ISArC.

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