The house in rebuilding stage. Photo taken from the graveyard.

One of my drawings of the complete project, graveyard wall on the right with a roofed gate.

I have now over a year been working on a project in the north-west of Iceland, rebuilding a farm, an old concrete structure since ca 1925 and landscaping the surroundings. It is very important to farms, how they stand in the landscape. This house is in a very harmonious position with a mountain peak in the distance, a view to the sea in the other and next to a redundant graveyard. We decided to rebuild the concrete building although early ideas were that it should be torn down and a new timber structure erected instead. But my argument that history is an important element in the soul of a building helped convince the clients that rebuilding is more successful and does actually sympathize with the wider countryside. Rebuilding the dry stone churchyard wall will also play an important part in the complete picture. This Christmas we went to visit the site and actually stayed in a nearby house for one night to enjoy the complete winter in Iceland with stars and Northern Lights.

The drive to the farm  in the winter snow, mountain and a view to the sea.

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