The new administrative block under construction

The one year old academy in Mozambique is slowly growing and establishing itself as an institution of learning and culture. The campus is actually a rehabilitation of an earlier school for crafts and skills. That means there are primitive workshops on site for timber, metal, glass and electricity. These will become available when need prevails. The first biennale is over now, well presented in the media and there are only 3 weeks left of the first full running year. Then the school goes into summer holiday for December and January, with a process of evaluating new applicants for the next academic year. Then ISArC will run first and second year in bachelor. At the moment construction takes place for the new administrative wing (or actually a small new building) that should be ready before the start of the next academic year. After that the administration will move and more classrooms will be available. Here are images of the new block under construction and a lovely student work.

The administration is housed here today, but this will house more classrooms and studios. Lovely food tippling around between the buildings

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