ISArC was formally opened just over a year ago. Here is a little blog about that moment. Now the school is in full process, lots of activity on campus and the next milestone will be the first Biennial held by the school, named Bienal 2010, Campus de Outubro. This will become a milestone in the development of creative and cultural industries in Mozambique. I think this is a very good strategy by the director of the school, Filimone Meigos because ISArC is not only a new and first national academy in Mozambique, but also the only one, and the only one in the Portugese African countries. Therefore it is the responsibility of ISArC and its people to drive the dialogue about art, culture and creative industries in the country and the Portugese speaking community in Africa. Such bennial events (plus various other activites in between) will pull together artists and cultural critics regularly to meet and evaluate and hopefully motivate more activity.
The Campus de Outubro starts in the Joaquim Chissano Conference Center in Maputo at 9h on the 27th and then it will continue in the ISArC campus on the 28th and 29th, ending on the 30th in the Matalana Cultural Center.
Many international guests will participate in the campus in addition to the national participants and all the ISArC students and staff. I am looking forward to the activity and the following results.

Design students in drawing class in ISArC first year. This time making self portraits.

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