What is a hacker? Is it a bad person? Not really. Is it someone that cheats? I guess so, but how? Answer: by knowing the systems that he/she is dealing with, looking out for new possibilities, new avenues, methods that are not allowed by the rules. But, that is design-methodology! We look out for the possibilities beyond what has been determined, and why? Because we are supposed to work on problem definitions while looking out for tasks. What is there to hack? Answer: electronic stuff. And today, lots of it because almost all products are computers. In last months Intersections07 conference the British product designer Richard Seymour from Seymourpowell-design said: “I AM A CORPORATE ELECTRICIAN!” Last year a friend was passing by our copier in KHiO, stopped and said: “This copier has a bluetooth!” Took out his phone and fiddled for a while until the copier printed out a picture from his phone. No wires, no password, no problem. He could have used up our paper and toner if he wanted to. Our system in the copier had no defence system. He could probably communicate to our toaster, microwave etc. I guess this is no news to all of you ‘switched-on’ people out there, browsing over web, picking up blogs and soundbites and videos. But this podcast that I have been watching is revealing stuff to me. Pablos Holman – is a an inventor, futurist, IT security expert, blogger – and a notorious hacker and innovator showing some tricks of the hacker and that the world is not so ok. It is amazing what the hackers can do. All products today are computers. Product manufacturers have no update processes for their products. In the interesting podcast Pablos as a hacker explains the world of products. He says: “I am over worrying that there is no security out there.” “There is none.” Logging into bluetooth, rfid, wifi, gsm, gps – all give signals about our movements. All tools are now computers, our clothes have embedded rfid’s. — I recommend the podcast namedImplementing Science Fiction + Future Technology Trends + Education through Social Play – especially the first 30 minutes when Pablos discusses. He says: “You have to spend a hell of a lot of time finding out what is possible, this something companies are not good at. Hackers are good at that” There are more podcasts and info on the PICNIC07

November 20, 2007   Posted in: DESIGN, PONDERINGS