Expressing Myself


My better part, Sóley, tells me often off and mostly for things related to philosophizing, theory, design and things about the world in general, rather than her telling me off for practical household issues. She is right in saying that I jump too fast to conclusions, – a very masculine thing to do like when Alexander cut the knot rather than trying to unwind it. She also tells me off for joking too much in my lectures and blogs, saying that people think me ignorant and arrogant, because they do not realize that I am joking rather than posing arguments that I find ridiculous. An example might be that I might admire something cultural since I find it so incredibly stupid and think all people realize that it is so.

Of course I agree with her that I have to be cautious in my expressions, but at the same time I still prefer to be seen as stupid or ignorant rather than not expressing myself. My thoughts go to Platon (not comparing myself though) tragically writing down philosophy that he knew would be used against the fundamental wisdom for the utility of simple folk. Something Socrates never did and died for his opinions.

hvittbladBut the dilemma is the ‘White Sheet of Paper Syndrome’ that we who have been in design education for long know so well. Students so sicerely want to do well that they dare not draw a line on the white sheet. Here in Maputo we, for example, produced sketchbooks for Soley’s students trying to introduce the use of the sketchbook diary as a tool for working (see different blog) and they started to draw on separate sheets before filling in and transferring into the books. I will continue to adhere to the idea that I write and express my opinions. Here are some reasons:

a) to say someting is better than being silent, since it allows others to use it if it might be of use

b) to say something is good for those that disagree with me so they know what I mean and can not make up opinions that I do not have. (During the many years that I have blogged I have only received aggressive comments from anonymous people, probably previous design students or friends trying to be funny).

c) saying something might help people to make up their own opinions, for example that they do not like what I mean.

d) to say nothing is boring and life is to short

May 19, 2009   Posted in: PONDERINGS