Photos from the first day activity, presentations and critique. The students made their proposals and had critique from the teachers and guests. The bottom photo shows the 4 gables on the blackboard that have been selected for painting. Gilles and Cecilie also gave a good presentation of their work and methods.

Now we are well into semester one of ISAC, teaching is going according to plan, the classes are running quite smoothly, the students and teachers are really motivated. When the study plan was developed for this semester the teachers discussed how important it is to link the education to the local tradition. Murals and political art has been very important in Mozambican culture, in the fight for independence and during the struggles to establish a formal republic.

The People’s Struggle. A mural on the Heroes Memorial Wall by João Craveirinha in  Praça dos Herois.

So it was decided to run a project making murals on the campus buildings. It marks the place as an art school, it establishes the activity in the recently overtaken campus and hopefully inspires a cohesion among the students and administrative staff. An other element in such a project is to stimulate cooperation among the students. The project can also link the different fields of design and art. ISAC has been so lucky to have Gilles and Cecilie come down from London to work with the local teachers in the development of the project and yesterday we had the first encounter where the students presented their ideas, we had lots of discussion about style, method and content. I post here some images from the day, but will post more as the work develops.

Gilles and Cecilie have long experience of making murals, both in the commercial arena and politically as well as running courses in various schools in many countries. The coming week should be active and fun in ISAC, while also very educational.

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