A great group of dancers go out to the districts, or markets on Saturdays to interact with the public through dance and music. They create great fun everywhere they go, people are so happy when the music arrives. Many participate and I can confirm that everyone, yes everyone dances in this country. I do not attempt to participate because it is really not in our European bodies this capability to move to the beat. I prefer to enjoy and photograph and maybe communicate in my blogs to my friends the contentment and joy that prevails.

I have made a habit of going with them whenever I have opportunity. It is great to be allowed to tag along. If I would arrive in these areas, a tall white man with a camera, I would be seen as very alien (of course I am alien) and almost a threat. But when we go along everything is different. People embrace the fun they are very nice to me, allow me to take photos and generally participate the ambiente. This morning I did not take photos, but recorded on my phone some video clips, they include sound and movement and maybe the communicate better the fun.

I post here two of my hundreds of photos and one video. I have more material to work from and will continue to do that.

March 13, 2010  Tags: , ,   Posted in: PONDERINGS