Sóley designed this banner last August when the panic for the start of ISAC was in full swing. The use of the squares is actually based on the African mask or shield pattern where there are squares formed by bamboo or straw construction. The leaders for the establishment of ISAC at that time were also rather uncomfortable about the use of the name ISAC since it is actually from the Bible and has none African or local links. Therefore I asked Sóley to make the banner in the way that it would be difficult to read ISAC. Of course we use the term all the time in daily parlance. Here are happy people, Karina ponts to her responsibility: Design and Maimuna points to hers: Visual Arts. Gabriel, a great addition to our team of design teachers, stands by. He is a graphic designer from Brazil. I just had to put this picture in, since it is so cheerful.

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