The mountain above the hot springs is named Sveifluháls. There are ideas among politicians, eager to make more capitalistic money to build electric power stations all over and destroy our land. Money, money, money! Nothing else draws interest among 50% of Icelanders! There are people there walking up the mountain to the hot springs!

The Krýsuvík area is a wonderful landscape just outside Reykjavik. Just half an hour drive in a simple car. I have spent lots of my youth there hiking and when we did the rally driving we always passed through and often many times in one competition. Went to look at the hot springs and the landscape and want to share these photos here for my memory and if some like to see my wonderful country Iceland.

Photo album one

Photo album two

The walkway along the clay and hot water hotsprings. Simple wooden pathway, but do not slip!

May 1, 2012   Posted in: ICELAND, SUSTAINABILITY