One of the greenhouses is being now used as the restaurant and presentation location. Solheimar today provides all its production to localities off the Reykjavik capital and suburbs.

Here is a photo album from Sólheimar

I went for a visit one more time to Sólheimar, the oldest eco farm in Iceland. They are working development ideas and we have together applied for funds to run Nordic course there next year. I will post more information about Sólheimar or you can click on their site.

Solheimar Ecovillage website in English for those that like to learn more.

Hard guest workers from various countries learning from me how to make credit card holders like I learned in Africa. Using milk containers. Here are images from the design market last summer in Reykjavik where we introduced these holders.

Candles being made in one of the workshops.

March 5, 2012   Posted in: DESIGN, ICELAND, SUSTAINABILITY