The digital class where the students experimented with layers and compositions in photoshop and illustrator.

We have had regular workshop with the design students in ISArC in Maputo. This time the workshop was directed as very technical and practical, especially in fashion and graphic design. The guests from my school in Oslo this time were DAGFINN SIGRIDSON SKOGLUND, coming for the second time with fashion knowledge and HAAVARD STEENSEN with his great graphic and web design knowledge.

Now the school has been run for 5 semesters although the students still have two more semesters to go and will graduate with a BA degree in design around this time next year. We did run an experimental semester before the school started which was an excellent tool for developing the program after months of writing and planning and also to exercise the teaching with new personal. Here is really a link to the history of my work in Mozambique. This will soon be 5 years since I came first there and had the first meetings about study programs etc. Time passes and it is great to enjoy the fast development in Mozambique. Now is finishing the 5th semester since we started!

The side image is by Sandra Pizura for fun

Here is a photo album from the course showing the methods and athmo in ISArC.

Tayloring going on where they use Mozambican capulana as material for shorts. Tailoring class driven by Dagfinn from Norway

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