Time for a chat and socializing while browsing the things that are available.

Young people in Reykjavik, Iceland have been experimenting with town spaces for events and activities. They are mostly students from the Iceland Academy of Art, the Design Faculty that I was so fortunate to be allowed to work for during the first years. Actually last Monday was the 10 year birthday since we started teaching design in Iceland in the academy so we have reason to celabrate changes in Icelandic society.

Bio products all made locally that open up new enjoyment and experiences in eating. Not rubbish from the import supermarkets.

Photos from the last market.

The young people have applied for spaces in the city to create social and commercial events for creative people. In a small square close to my home in Reykjavik has been a market every Saturday and actually even I did try to produce and sell objects that I learnt to make in Africa. It has been incredibly enjoyable to be there on Saturdays when I have managed to come and chat and socialize and of course do some small local business. I hope the city will support further development in this direction next summer and I hear already people talk about possible occasional events also during the coming winter. Lets hope that the city authorities will support this activity that gives the city life and actually operates in opposition to the global rubbish commercialism that is killing our economy and in many other countries. Something that will not last for many more years if the oil price comes to a proper level and environmental issues will be respected in costs of transport and production. People sell things that they have made at home or from local materials like berries etc. I am so proud of my students, how they oppose global commercialism and enjoy creating events and proposing a different future!

Mellow entertainment for those that come to the market

Here are a few images from the summer market fun