Whatever there are technical advances in design method or tools, the sketch book is always the fundamental tool for creativity and design method. It is there where we explore possibilities, like those that we find out that they do not work or could be improved. I started using the sketch book in my teenage years and still have most of my books lying in boxes or shelves. They have become history of my methods and explorations. I also have there history of many of my projects, the buildings and furniture that I have then produced and often not produced. The sketch book is also the tool that we use together with students to explore possibilities and find out impossibilities. Now, I am a bit stuck for a while in what I am able or allowed to do and then I have started making my own sketch books, actually in great quantities. I just fold the papers, sew them together and glue. The books are then my history and also link to my method of making by hand things that later are developed in production, sometimes in far off places by my students or co-workers. Here are some images of books that I have been gluing together during my last days while being in my home town of Reykjavik. The covers are capulanas that I have got in Mozambique, wonderful materials to make clothes and books from.



Open sketch book that I have running at the moment, the drawings are from Nampula in Mozambique, from a room and off a little lady friend of mine.

Many books of many sizes, I really like making different sizes thinking of different uses that people might use.




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