Olof Kolte on sustainability

Friend Olof Kolte was invited to Iceland to give lectures on design and sustainability. The best and most critical magazine in the country took an interview asking Olof about his position on design and sustainability. He says: At your lecture, you spoke about the Internet as the “driving force in the explosion of productivity” in the modern world. Is it a good or an evil from the sustainability standpoint? Back in history, a written word was a means of any activity’s organisation. You can well imagine that at that time writing systems were used to regulate the division of a harvest, or to transfer messages to people, or to announce upcoming events. You could have passed the information to people; you could have educated them, or enabled them, to make use of those opportunities they had not been aware of otherwise. But simply writing has never been as much influential as the Internet: it’s an extremely powerful means of communication. When used in an efficient way, it can encompass an incredible mass of information. I recommend you read the whole interview here:Grapewine If you want to see Olof’s homepage his link is in our list of friends



November 14, 2007   Posted in: DESIGN, SUSTAINABILITY