21st August 2008. Ken Robinson always fantastic



Among the ‘must see’ lectures in our great new world of endless available lectures is Ken Robinson’s talks! Both brilliant and fun. His subject is education and the need to transform education. ‘We are still educating our kids according to the ideology of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution – killing their creativity. There is a new age now, creative one, and we need the creative people to face the vast challenges of today – the industrial ideology will not get us anywhere in that matter!’ Sir Ken Robinson is the recipient of the RSA Benjamin Franklin Medal 2008. Here is an hour long lecture at that occasion worth every minute of watching. And here is his fantastic lecture at TED which we have watched and used often. When we were watching this lecture, our son, then 10 year old, heard bits of it including some of our discussions about it (kids always hear and understand more than you think) The day after he went to school rebellious and told all his friends that the school was destroying their creativity! One of his schoolmates is a very creative and artistic boy. We heard later from his parents that in the evening he got nightmares and couldn´t sleep because he was so scared about his creativity being destroyed.


August 28, 2008   Posted in: DESIGN, PONDERINGS