A big sign on the park fence invites people to the new location for artisans and culture.

The old Parque dos Continuadores was rather dilapidated when I first saw it. A bit scary and not to go into at night. Now it has been transformed and great stalls have been built for displaying work by crafts people and to sell tourist objects and clothes. Some of the things that are for sale are very nice and some is culture-empty stuff as is the norm all over the world.

Beautiful spaces, ponds and restaurants. Perfect place to linger and watch.

The park also has two restaurants, one with authentic Mozambican food and the other a kind of an Italian cafe/restaurant. It is pleasant to spend time there and I am seeing regular increase of visitors all the time.
Our students in ISArC are now starting a project developing ideas about how to give character to the concrete benches that are around the park. This could be very appropriate project for the students and it will be fun to see what they come up with in the coming weeks. We are going to spend some time in the studio working on method and ideas and then see how the students will work in groups for the execution of the proposals that gain the acceptance of the organizers. It is great to run actual projects with students, it locates the work in society and stimulates hard work.

Here are some images from the park and of students working on location.

The ever important wifi.

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