24th March 2001-2011

Today is ten years since we posted for the first time in Iceland an advertisement for applications to the new, first and only Design and Architecture Faculty in Iceland. Goddur, who is now the professor of graphic design in the Faculty made with me the advertisement that was posted in the largest newspaper in Iceland.

The photo displays the old main street in Reykjavik, Laugavegur, where are located the main fashion and tourist shops. In the photo stands a man with a newspaper. The image displays all the elements that design touches on in the mainstream of Icelandic society. Architecture that actually have been prominent in the urban dialogue (even being influential in power shifts in the Reykjavik Local Authority) Fashion, Clothing, Print and Signage etc. The text says:


And then stating to the prospective applicants that if so, they should apply for a place in the new Faculty of Design and Architecture in the new Iceland Academy of Art.

I am not going to write here and now what has happened in Iceland during the past decade, but great changes have taken place, both to the good and to the bad. The 10 years that have passed have seen major changes in the Design Scene in Iceland, there is a critical mass of students and teachers today in the country participating in the dialogue and public debate. But there are also many small businesses, single designers and participants in the larger companies. It is great to know all these young people that are taking over and changing the picture that we posted 10 years ago.

Today also is the fist day of HÖNNUNARMARS (DESIGNMARCH) – A four day festival of design with conferences, lots of promotion events for products, fashion and otherwise, openings of exhibitions and so on and on. Look at the websites for more information, but what warms my heart is that exactly 10 years ago I did advertise for the first time access to this first university level education in Iceland in design after spending actually most of the 90’s preparing, arguing, planning, behind curtains work. Happy birthday all!


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