Study Program and Space Planning


The entrance to the campus of the ISArC Academy.

We sat on Saturday doing the final touches of the program for the first pilot semester in the new academy. Things are falling into place, while we also have very many odds and ends to complete. We discussed teaching programs, media lab, library, how to start the semester with discussions and study program definitions. The image shows the entrance to the campus. This morning the intake committee met in the Ministry to go through the final process of evaluating the applicants and we made the final list. The Ministry will post the results today or tomorrow.

I am very optimistic about the future of this youngest art and design school. Opening day is on Thursday morning. I post this nice mail that Maimuna sent this afternoon to show people what we are up to at the moment:

Hi all, now I’m getting confused as to what language to write in, if no one minds I will write in english..

Today we received most, if not all, the furniture (a second batch of things arrived around 2 or 3 when I was leaving today),

I will be at ISAC tomorrow with mr Momola, I have more info on what furniture goes where if anyone needs it…

So far, things are still according to plan in relation to the classrooms:

In the classroom block, the sala de professores has been temporarily taken over by the finance dept., and the multimedia room will be next to the library, so we have an extra room.

That means that we can of course use the last classroom of that block (by the bathrooms) for the sala de professores, but Lage suggested we use the meeting room for the teachers for now… so we have two options

The last large room in the admin block has been left as a wildcard… the idea was, and can continue if no one opposes, that we use the large room as a drawing studio or something of the sort…

at the moment each class room will be equiped with teacher’s desk and chair, board to write on, notice board, and at least 18 desks and tables for the students (we received 140 tables and chairs so there are a few more if needed)

Any ‘extra’ furniture from the classrooms will go to the ‘drawing studio’, and any ‘extra’ furniture for the admin offices will go to the ‘secretaria’… the computers, if and when they arrive, are not to be turned on just yet until we have the rest of the system up…

that’s all I’ve got so far, the rest is all being prepared for thursday… see you tomorrow,


Will keep you posted.

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