ISAC CAMPUS – increased urgency


This is the entrance to the campus.

The buildup for the opening of ISAC is taking a certain crescendo. Things are late as in any proper project like this and surely some things will be done in the last minutes. But we have written the study and workshop program for the first semester, of course based on the longer strategy. We know the date of the speeches and the arrival of the political people, we now know the number of applicants that have applied to study now in the first semester. Today there are examinations for the applicants (see photo) and on Friday the interviews will be taking place. An interesting perspective is that very many of the teachers in the secondary schools, and in the foundation art school here (ENAV) are applying for studying in ISAC. During the recent days there has been a crowd of teachers around the printer in the media-lab there. This is great, meaning that the people in the field are motivated to lift their own competence and gain a university degree. As a matter of fact, only 7% of all those employed by the state here do have a university degree, and that includes all professions. I am sure that very few do have degrees in the creative industries or even the humanities.


Applicants taking an exam in one of the classrooms this morning

We spent some time on campus today to look at plans and how things are faring. We look at how to create an identity for the location and the buildings that are allocated for ISAC in the first round. We agree that there is a very good atmosphere inside the walls of the campus. Karina and me, a partner in crime here for creating the design department, went on Friday to select a ‘unifying’ colour for the campus boundary and to use in the signification of the various buildings that the academy is allocated. The campus has for years been a location for a vocational school. That is great since it means the location already is known as a place of education and there are some workshops that we look forward to using like the woodworking, metal, electric and glass.


The building that is to become the gallery

Here are some images of the campus as it is today with the workers really hacking away to be ready for the opening. I expect that much will be transformed by the 3rd of September. This blog will continue to post news as they come and we will inform about the study program that we are working on now, later.


One of the workshop areas being prepared. Internet cables, acoustic ceilings, nice concrete floors.

August 19, 2009   Posted in: DESIGN, ISAC - KHiO