Leaving Oslo, phase one

The first phase of our project after all the applications, planning, interviews and program participation is to leave dear Oslo. We have lived here for 4 years now, a very family friendly place with lots of new friends. We have been to dinners and invited for coffee, going around shopping things to take away, strengthening our hard drives for file storage.

Thursday Soley leaves for Porto in Portugal to do a language course in Portugese for the whole of January. That is fortunate since we do not speak the language at all. Dori has been to Maputo one time before for starting up ideas of the project between KHiO and the future ISAC.

Now, Soley is going there to learn the language in a crash course. She goes with Brit from the Frederiksstad Culture School and with Kristine who is going to work with the dance school in Maputo. Surely they will get lots out of the course.

We have packed half our flat, many of the books are in a store in Iceland by now, but lots of stuff still lies about. The pictures show Soley evaluating the 20 kilos that she is allowed on the plane.

January 7, 2009   Posted in: PONDERINGS